Legislative Update

[BIG NEWS] With less than a week left in the legislative session, Governor Andrew Cuomo has introduced his own #ChildVictimsAct bill.

“The legislation is a Jewish imperative, both because of the Jewish tradition’s emphasis on protecting the most vulnerable in our midst, particularly children, and because of the documented instances of [...]

Indiana lawmakers sponsor sexual abuse bill

As a nation, we are pushing for greater access to justice for survivors and more responsibility on the institutions entrusted to protect them. Three Indiana members of Congress are sponsoring [...]

Hoylman calls for floor vote on Child Victims Act

“A version of the #ChildVictimsAct passed by the Assembly on Wednesday faces an uncertain fate in the Senate as the factioning within the state’s upper chamber — and multiple versions of child [...]

Hodges: ‘It’s time to talk’ about sex assault

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges used Facebook to disclose that she was a victim of sexual assault as a child after years of silence. She and all survivors who come forward [...]

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