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Children deserve to be protected and nurtured by adults — never harmed. If you suffered sexual abuse of any kind as a child, it wasn’t your fault. Weitz & Luxenberg has a team of talented, passionate litigators ready to take on institutions that try to protect pedophiles rather than the children they were trusted with.

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How We Can Help

Support Starting Case

Many victims have found the very institutions meant to protect them instead protected a pedophile. To make matters worse, often people in authority didn’t believe the victim making justice impossible. Because we want to make justice possible for all victims, we collect no fees unless the case is won.

Full Confidentiality

Each case of sexual abuse against a child is an utter tragedy. Our team members understand that talking about your abuse is highly difficult and is committed to keeping your identity as confidential as you need it to be to feel comfortable. You can even receive a free consultation without ever giving your name.

Financial Reparations

We know that no amount of money will ever get your childhood back. No sum of money can ever truly fix sexual abuse. However, we believe money can provide victims with the resources they deserve to get treatment for the lasting effects of abuse and act as gateway to start a better life.